Viasat lancerer snart eSportsTV HD

esportsTVeSportsTV er en ny tv-kanal der snart lanceres hos Viasat. Kanalen vil levere 2000 live timer med eSport og gaming om året og vil sende døgnet rundt. Kanalen bliver sendt i HD.

På eSportsTV HD vil man kunne følge de største professionelle e-sport-ligaer og internationella turneringer med mesterskaber som ESL One, Intel® Extreme Masters, DreamHack Summer og DreamHack Masters.

Kanalen skulle blive lanceret i maj måned. Vi afventer svar fra Viasat DK omkring hvilke pakker kanalen kommer i.

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Lidt kommentarer på nyheden

MD of ESL Ralf Reichert

“We have always dreamt of making esports the world’s most popular sport, and it’s the opportunities like this one that bring us one step closer to making that dream come true. Bringing new and existing content to more screens worldwide is key to further accelerating the growth and popularity of esports, and we’re on a mission to reach every gamer in the world.”

Arnd Benninghoff, CEO of MTGx, and Peter Nørrelund, CEO of MTG Sport,

“This is fantastic because it will bring esports to an even broader global audience. Esports is a global sport played all year round so there is so much content to share. The channel is all about building awareness and growing the gaming community and fanbase. We have seen an explosion of interest in esports and we want to make more and more content available on as many screens as possible.”

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