Box 21 – ny Viaplay originalserie på vej

Nent Group der står bag Viaplay Reklame-link har netop løftet sløret for den første af i alt fire Roslund & Hellström bøger, der skal laves som serier. Det er Box 21, der produceres af Miso Film med premiere engang i 2020.

Optagelserne finder sted i Sverige og Rumænien.

Jakob Mejlhede Andersen, Viaplay Chief Content Officer: “Opening ‘Box 21’ will be a unique experience for Viaplay viewers. This highly ambitious series will reflect the unflinching realism, moral complexity and engrossing storylines that have established Roslund & Hellström as some of the most acclaimed crime novelists in the Nordic region and beyond. Our customers can look forward to three additional original series inspired by these talented authors, as NENT Group continues to reimagine the future of Nordic storytelling.”


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