Viaplay på vej med ny Sci-fi komedieserie

Home Invasion er titlen på Viaplay’s kommende nye originalserie, der er sat til at få premiere på streamingtjenesten i 2020. Der er tale om en engelsksproget Sci-fi komedie på 6 episoder.

Serien har skuespillernavne som Morena Baccarin (‘Deadpool’; ‘Homeland’) og Johan Glans (NENT Group’s ‘Swedish Dicks’), John Noble (‘Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’; ‘The Blacklist’) med på rollelisten.

Her er seriebeskrivelsen på engelsk: What if an apparently normal family was really made up of aliens sent to invade Earth? Two burglars breaking into a house soon find themselves face to face with a close encounter of the absurd kind – especially when they discover that the family is having second thoughts about their deadly assignment.

Annonce - artiklen forsætter nedenunder

Jakob Mejlhede Andersen, Viaplay Chief Content Officer: “NENT Group has a unique ability to bring together talent from all over the world to tell fascinating stories with a Nordic twist. Unexpected meetings are at the heart of this highly entertaining series, which combines sci-fi with comedy and personal predicaments with cosmic conflict. We’re raising our conceptual and visual ambitions yet again with this show, as NENT Group’s original productions continue to go global in terms of themes, partnerships and audiences.”

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