Sennheiser ind på bilmarkedet

Sennheiser træder ind i bilsektoren med deres første AMBEO 3D-lydsystem til biler lavet i samarbejde med luksusbilproducenten Karma Automotive.

Det sker via AMBEO-lydsystemet, der er omhyggeligt konstrueret ved hjælp af mikrofon- og højttalerteknologi i højeste kvalitet, og 3D-lydekspertise.

Sennheiser lover det giver en imponerende omsluttende og klar lyd til telefonopkald. Systemet kan opleves på en ny 2020 Karma Revero GT under Monterey Car Week fra 15. til 18. august.

Herunder er yderligere info fra den engelske pressemeddelelse:

Distributed sound system
The AMBEO sound system on board the 2020 Karma Revero GT consists of a multi-channel loudspeaker set-up arranged in two main layers plus a subwoofer to provide authentic sound immersion anywhere in the cabin. To make this experience complete, the vehicle’s headrests have been integrated into the loudspeaker concept.

Crucially, the ability to enjoy breathtaking immersive sound does not require specific 3D audio sources – the system’s AMBEO upmix algorithm can turn any stereo material into an immersive experience. Audio sources and levels are managed via a convenient graphical user interface, which allows the driver and passengers to personalize the sound according to their preferences. The interface also lets you determine the preferred degree of immersiveness, and your position within the sound stage.


Example screen of the AMBEO user interface
Example screen of the AMBEO user interface


Finally: Intelligible phone calls thanks to beamforming microphone arrays
With the AMBEO system, clear phone conversations in the car are no longer a dream. The system employs beamforming technology to actively focus on the speaker, with the beamforming microphone arrays integrated into both sides of the cabin. The result is precise capture of the voice, while wind, engine and tire noise is efficiently attenuated. The other passengers can join the phone conversation, or continue listening to their music or film audio undisturbed. This solution has yet another advantage: It enables relaxed, clear communication between everyone in the car.

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