Nyt på Prime Video i oktober 2021

Oktober på Prime Video byder på en række nye serier. Du får f.eks. den nye BBC serie The Pursuit of Love med Lily James. Kirsten Bell og Vince Vaughn er blandt navnene i den nye film Queenpins.

Filtrér oversigten

fredag 1. oktober
Bingo Hell - Official Trailer | Prime Video
1 okt 2021

Welcome to the Blumhouse

Film | Horror
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Prime Video har i oktober premiere på fire horrorfilm i serien Welcome To The Blumhouse. De to har premiere 1. oktober, mens de to sidste kommer ugen efter den 8. oktober.

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Bingo Hell

Bingo Hell - Official Trailer | Prime Video
Annonce - artiklen forsætter nedenunder
Bingo Hell – Official Trailer | Prime Video

When a sinister figure threatens the residents of a low-income community, a feisty senior citizen tries to stop him in Bingo Hell, a wickedly original horror movie with a fiendishly funny twist. After 60-something neighborhood activist Lupita (Adriana Barraza) discovers that her beloved local bingo hall has been taken over by a mysterious businessman named Mr. Big (Richard Brake), she rallies her elderly friends to fight back against the enigmatic entrepreneur. But when her longtime neighbors begin turning up dead under grisly circumstances, Lupita suddenly discovers that gentrification is the least of her problems. Something terrifying has made itself at home in the quiet barrio of Oak Springs, and with each new cry of “Bingo!” another victim falls prey to its diabolical presence. As the cash prizes increase and the body count steadily rises, Lupita must face the frightening realization that this game is truly winner-takes-all.

Black As Night

Black As Night - Official Trailer | Prime Video
Black As Night – Official Trailer | Prime Video

A resourceful teenage girl leaves childhood behind when she battles a group of deadly vampires in Black as Night, an action-horror hybrid with a strong social conscience and a biting sense of humor. Fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, a new threat leaves its mark on the Big Easy in the form of puncture wounds on the throats of the city’s vulnerable displaced population. When her drug-addicted mom becomes the latest victim of the undead, 15-year old Shawna (Asjha Cooper) vows to even the score. Along with three trusted friends, Shawna hatches a bold plan to infiltrate the vampire’s mansion in the historic French Quarter, destroy their leader, and turn his fanged disciples back to their human form. But killing monsters is no easy task, and soon Shawna and her crew find themselves caught in a centuries-old conflict between warring vampire factions, each fighting to claim New Orleans as their permanent home.


Madres - Official Trailer | Prime Video
Madres – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Beto (Tenoch Huerta) and Diana (Ariana Guerra), a young Mexican-American couple expecting their first child, move to a small town in 1970’s California where Beto has been offered a job managing a farm. Isolated from the community and plagued by confusing nightmares, Diana explores the rundown company ranch where they reside, finding a grisly talisman and a box containing the belongings of the previous residents. Her discoveries will lead her to a truth much stranger and more terrifying than she could have possibly imagined.


The Manor

The Manor - Official Trailer | Prime Video
The Manor – Official Trailer | Prime Video


A malevolent force preys upon the residents of a sleepy nursing home in The Manor, a gothic tale of terror with a modern twist. When a mild stroke diminishes her ability to care for herself, Judith Albright (Barbara Hershey) moves to Golden Sun Manor, an assisted living facility with a sterling reputation. But despite the best efforts of the staff, and a budding friendship with fellow senior Roland (Bruce Davison), strange occurrences and nightmarish visions convince Judith that a sinister presence is haunting the massive estate. As residents begin to die mysteriously, Judith’s frantic warnings are dismissed as fantasy. Even her devoted grandson Josh (Nicholas Alexander) thinks her fears are the result of dementia, not demons. With no one willing to believe her, Judith must either escape the confines of the manor, or fall victim to the evil that dwells within it.

fredag 8. oktober
Justin Bieber: Our World - Official Trailer | Prime Video
8 okt 2021
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Seeren får et dybdegående indblik i sangerens liv, både professionelt og privat, ligesom dokumentaren følger Bieber til hans første hele koncert i tre år.

Justin Bieber: Our World takes viewers backstage, onstage, and into the private world of the musical icon as he prepares for his unprecedented concert, “T-Mobile Presents New Year’s Eve Live with Justin Bieber.” After a three-year hiatus from a full performance, and with concert venues shut down due to the pandemic, Bieber delivers an electrifying show to close out 2020 on the rooftop of the Beverly Hilton Hotel for 240 invited guests—and millions of fans across the globe watching via livestream. The film follows Bieber and his close-knit team in the month leading up to the show, as they rehearse and construct a monumental stage while adhering to strict health and safety protocols. The film also captures personal, self-shot moments between Bieber and his wife Hailey.

“Performing live and connecting with my fans through music is deeply meaningful to me,” said Bieber. “Especially during the past year, being able to provide a service and share my gifts to bring some happiness to people during such a sad and scary time has meant the world to me. This film documents an intense and exciting time, preparing for a return to the stage during this season of real uncertainty. Coming together with my team, overcoming the obstacles, and delivering a special show, surrounded by friends and family; it’s all here.”

Ratner added, “I couldn’t be prouder of our continued partnership with Justin as well as the SB Films team and the collaborative effort by all to make this project possible. Amazon Studios is the ideal partner to share this inspiring and feel-good film on a global scale. Make sure to watch it with the volume maxed out.”

“Justin Bieber: Our World is a raw and unprecedented snapshot of Justin and those closest to him during a pivotal time in his life and career,” said Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios. “Filmmaker Michael D. Ratner has beautifully captured Justin’s spirit through rare moments both on and off stage. We are excited to invite Bieber fans around the world to experience what is a truly intimate portrayal of one of the world’s most iconic musicians.”

Global superstar Bieber recently reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the second time in eight months with “Stay,” his smash collaboration with The Kid LAROI. His eighth career #1 single, “Stay” made history, as Bieber became the youngest solo artist ever to reach 100 hits on the chart. His certified-platinum hit “Peaches” debuted at #1 on the Hot 100 and hit #1 on both the Top 40 and Rhythmic Airplay charts. “Peaches”—with more than 1.5 billion streams worldwide—is the latest single from Bieber’s global #1 album Justice, his eighth album to debut at #1 on the Billboard200. Earlier this year, Bieber made history as the first male solo artist to debut at #1 on both the Billboard 200 album chart and Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. When it debuted, Justice was the most-streamed album in 117 countries worldwide and has accumulated over 6 billion streams to date. With over 75 billion career streams and more than 70 million albums sold worldwide, Bieber reigns as one of the biggest artists in the world. He is the #1 artist on YouTube, with over 60 million subscribers worldwide, and is the #1 artist on Spotify global with over 75 million monthly listeners.

The Pursuit of Love: Trailer - BBC
8 okt 2021

The Pursuit of Love

Serie | Komedie | Seriepremiere
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The Pursuit of Love er et romantisk komediedrama om kærlighed og venskab. Handlingen udspiller sig i Europa mellem de to verdenskrige, hvor vi følger den karismatiske og frygtløse Linda Ratchet (spillet af Lily James) og hendes veninde og kusine, Fanny Logan (spillet af Emily Beecham).

The Pursuit of Love – det handler den om

Opslugt af en længsel efter kærlighed og ægteskab er de to kvinder på jagt efter den ideelle ægtemand. Deres venskab bliver sat på prøve, da Fanny slår sig ned i et stabilt forhold og liv, mens Linda beslutter at følge sit hjerte til stadig vildere og fjernere steder. Efterhånden som sociale og politiske splittelser deler nationen, fremprovokerer deres forskellige valg også personlige spørgsmål, der stadig er ekstremt relevante i dag – spørgsmål om frihed, kærlighed, sex og det menneskelige hjertets mysterium.

mandag 11. oktober
Angela Black (2021) Official Trailer
11 okt 2021

Angela Black

Serie | Drama | Seriepremiere
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Prime Video har annonceret at de har købt det psykologiske drama i seks dele, Angela Black, med Golden Globe-vinderen Joanne Froggatt (Liar, Downton Abbey) eksklusivt til det nordiske publikum (Danmark, Finland, Norge, Sverige) fra all3Media International.

Angela Black – Det handler den om

Dramaet er skrevet af Emmy og Golden Globe-vinderne Harry og Jack Willians (Liar, Fleabag) og handler om Angela Blacks liv, der tilsyneladende er ganske idyllisk: Hun har et dejligt hus i forstæderne til London, tilbringer dagene som frivillig på et hundeinternat, har to vidunderlige sønner og en karismatisk, hårdtarbejdende mand, Olivier (Michiel Huisman). Men under denne charmerende facade af hjemlig idyl, er Angela også offer for vold i hjemmet. Fanget i et forhold hun ikke kan undslippe, bliver Angela pludselig opsøgt af Ed (Samuel Adewunmi), en privatdetektiv, der deler alle Oliviers mørkeste hemmeligheder.

Ansigt til ansigt med nogle forfærdende sandheder om sin mand, finder Angela sig selv i et dilemma. Kan hun virkelig stole på Ed? Kan hun forlade det liv, hun kender så godt og endelig befri sig selv fra Olivier? Med det ene møde ændrer Angelas liv sig fra skolekørsel og leg med hundene til privatdetektiver og begravede hemmeligheder, idet hun sætter alt, hun holder af på spil for at kæmpe mod den mand, som har undertrykt og mislighandlet hende det meste af hendes liv.

Premieredato i oktober.

fredag 15. oktober
I Know What You Did Last Summer - Official Trailer | Prime Video
15 okt 2021

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Serie | Drama Horror | Seriepremiere | Ugentlige afsnit
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Amazon Original-titlen I Know What You Did Last Summer starter på tjenesten 15. oktober. Serien, der kommer i otte afsnit, er baseret på Lois Duncans roman fra 1973, som den ikoniske film fra ’97 også tog udgangspunkt i. En nervepirrende fortælling om en flok teenagere, der alle gemmer på hver deres hemmeligheder.

Fire afsnit vil være tilgængelige på premieredagen. Herefter bliver et afsnit offentliggjort hver fredag frem til den 12. november.

Medvirkende: Madison Iseman, Bill Heck, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso, Fiona Rene, Cassie Beck, and Brooke Bloom.

I Know What You Did Last Summer – det handler den om

One year after the fatal car accident that haunted their graduation night, a group of teenagers find themselves bound together by a dark secret and stalked by a brutal killer. As they try to piece together who’s after them, they reveal the dark side of their seemingly perfect town—and themselves. Everyone is hiding something, and uncovering the wrong secret could be deadly.

fredag 22. oktober
Queenpins | Official Trailer [HD] | In Theaters September 10 and coming soon to Paramount+
22 okt 2021


Film | Komedie
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Queenpins, som er inspireret af en sand historie, er en skandaløs komedie om Connie (Kristen Bell), en frustreret, hjemmegående forstadsfrue, og hendes bedste veninde JoJo (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), en vlogger med store drømme, som transformerer en simpel hobby til et kupon-forfalsknings-ku til flere millioner dollars. Efter at have skudt et brev afsted til koncernen bag en dårlig pakke müesli, modtager duoen en undskyldning med en masse gratis prøver. Herefter udklækker de hurtigt en plan om ulovligt at forfalske kuponer, der frarøver store korporationer millioner og leverer gode tilbud til legioner af ligesindede kuponsamlere.

fredag 29. oktober
Fairfax Season 1 – Official Trailer | October 29 | Prime Video
29 okt 2021


Serie | Animation Komedie | Seriepremiere
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Den nye aminerede serie for voksne – Fairfax handler om de op- og nedture, man kan opleve som teenager, og vi kommer helt ind på livet af fire high school studerende i USA.

Alle otte episoder får premiere 29. oktober på Prime Video.

Mere om handlingen i Fairfax

Four middle school best friends on their never-ending quest for clout on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles—the pulsing heart of hypebeast culture. Fairfax is about the timeless struggle to be cooler than you are and fit in while standing out, and what it feels like to wait in line for a pair of sneakers you’re never going to cop.

Skyler Gisondo, Kiersey Clemons, Peter S. Kim, og Jaboukie Young-White er stemmerne bag.

Blandt de øvrige der lægger stemme til er navne som: Pamela Adlon, Jeff Bottoms, Yvette Nicole Brown, Rob Delaney, Zoey Deutch, Colton Dunn, John Leguizamo, Camila Mendes, Larry Owens, Linda Park, Billy Porter, Ben Schwartz, Tim Simons, og JB Smoove.

Maradona: Blessed Dream - Teaser Trailer | Prime Video
29 okt 2021

Maradona: Blessed Dream

Serie | Drama | Seriepremiere
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Maradona: Blessed Dream følger Nazareno Casero (Historia de un Clan), Juan Palomino (Magnifica 70) og Nicolas Goldschmidt (Supermax), som portrætterer Diego Armando Maradona gennem hans liv og fremtrædende karriere. Seeren følger Maradona fra hans spæde start i Villa Fiorito i hjembyen Argentina, til hans banebrydende karriere i Barcelona og Napoli. Endelig portrætterer serien den nøglerolle han spillede i at føre sit nationalhold til sejren ved verdensmesterskabet i Mexico i ’86.

En enkelt premiere i oktober er endnu ikke med på listen. Det er Angela Black serien, der ikke har fået en konkret premieredato i oktober endnu.

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