Nordic Entertainment Group med i nyt britisk tv projekt

FilmNation Entertainment og Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) er gået sammen om et nyt tv-projekt i Storbritannien.

Det nye projekt skal udvikle, producere og finansiere tv-indhold til globale målgrupper, og samler i øjeblikket sit kreative team. Endvidere vil de arbejde sammen med en bred vifte af britiske studier, talenter og medfinansierere. NENT Group vil have første mulighed for de eksklusive nordiske medie rettigheder til alle joint venture-produktioner.

Herunder nogle reaktioner på aftalen på engelsk:

Glen Basner, FilmNation Entertainment CEO, and Milan Popelka, FilmNation Entertainment COO: “Launching this innovative UK partnership is an exciting step in furthering our overall global strategy to serve as trusted, premium scripted content creators, and to continue to have our platform be a destination for the world’s best storytellers. In NENT Group we have found forward-thinking, creatively-aligned partners who see the exciting future of global entertainment the same way we do, and we’re thrilled to be joining forces with them in a territory that is home to such exceptional creative talent.”

Anders Jensen, NENT Group President and CEO: “This milestone partnership with a major international studio creates numerous strategic benefits for NENT Group. We now have long term access to some of the world’s most prestigious upcoming scripted content and co-own a high growth company in the dynamic UK production market. At the same time, we can offer even more attractive, one of a kind stories to our customers and partners.”

Jakob Mejlhede Andersen, NENT Group EVP and Head of Content: “We are continuing to rewrite the script with this innovative partnership. FilmNation Entertainment is a respected and prolific studio with a proven track record. In today’s highly competitive market for premium drama, this joint venture gives NENT Group a compelling advantage and complements our ongoing investments in original content.”

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