Gratis ukrainsk tv på vej på 5 grader øst

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Ukrainian Business Group og SES Astra har netop indgået aftale om transponder plads på satellitpositionen 5 grader øst. I andet halvår 2011 vil UBG sende kanalerne A-One (musikkanl), UBC (finanskanal)  Ukrainian Fashion, Dobro-TV og Z-TV.

Herunder lidt kommentarer på aftalen:

Ferdinand Kayser, Chief Commercial Officer of SES, said: “We are very proud that UBG has chosen ASTRA to launch its new digital channel line-up and welcome the new player in the Ukrainian media market. The launch of five new channels will further increase the digital channel choice on our satellites and make our 5 degrees East orbital position even more attractive for broadcasters and TV viewers.”

Artem Tkachev, Corporate Vice President of UBG, said: “The agreement with SES ASTRA is of high strategic importance to us, as it will allow us to enter the Ukrainian media market and to further develop our activities in this sector. We are convinced of the high broadcast quality and the perfect coverage of the ASTRA satellites which represent an ideal choice for our offer. Thanks to the digital broadcasting infrastructure provided by SES ASTRA we will be able to offer our viewers a state-of-the-art, future-proof and fully digital TV experience.”

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