Eurosport forlænger Tour de France rettigheder frem til 2023

tour de france 2017 TV tiderEurosport har lavet en ny rettighedsaftale om dækning af Tour de France. Eurosport havde i forvejen rettigheder til Tour’en frem til og med 2019, nu har man lavet en ny aftale for yderligere 4 år fra 2020 – 2023.

Peter Hutton, Eurosport CEO, udtaler i forbindelse med den nye aftale: “We proudly claim to be the Home of Cycling and this new deal is further proof of that statement. We now have every minute of the Tour de France until 2023, meaning all the Grand Tours, the five Monuments and over 30 UCI World Tour events will be on Eurosport – over 200 days and 2,500 hours of live cycling coverage each year. The message for cycling fans is clear, Eurosport is the best place to follow the sport – we have every sprint, climb and breakaway from the biggest races covered on TV or on the go and on-demand via Eurosport Player.”

Hutton fortsætter: “The Tour de France remains the sport’s biggest event and we are delighted that the average viewing figures for this year’s Tour have increased, even when you consider we’ve delivered over 20 hours more live coverage compared to 2016. We remain committed to looking at ways to improve the production of the sport, using more access to data to give a clearer explanation of the stories of each day.”

Også TV 2 Danmark har Tour de France rettigheder frem til og med 2023 i deres aftale, der blev offentliggjort i starten af juli. Det nye i den aftale er at TV 2 fra 2020 har mulighed for at sende et Tour de France-program i primetime, hvilket DR lige nu har eneret på.

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