Danske Christina Sulebakk ny chef for HBO Europa

HBO Europe har udnævnt ny general manager, altså øverste chef, og det bliver danske Christina Sulebakk, der overtager efter Hervé Payan, der stopper ved udgangen af august.

Christina Sulebakk har i flere år været ansat hos HBO Europe, hvor hun blandt andet har fungeret som Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer. Hun har tidligere også været arbejdet med kommunikation for det daværende CANAL+ og CANAL9 i Danmark.

Præsidenten for Warner Media udtaler om valget af Christina: Christina is a tremendously talented executive who has been integral to the success of HBO Europe. She has a deep understanding of direct-to-consumer businesses and has played a pivotal role in the development of our international plans. She will be a key force in driving our growth in Europe.

Annonce - artiklen forsætter nedenunder

Christina Sulebakk udtaler i pressemeddelelsen: “I couldn’t be more thrilled about my new role and our ambitious plans for HBO Europe. Working on this iconic brand with exceptionally talented colleagues at such a pivotal time in the industry has been an educational and enriching experience. I can’t wait to get started on the opportunities that lie ahead as we build on the strong foundation that is Hervé’s legacy.”

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