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Panasonic præsenterer 2022 TV modeller

Panasonic har trukket udmeldingen om deres nye 2022 modeller lidt, men her medio maj måned så er der endelig nyt.

4 nye 2022 OLED TV

OLED TV er klart de mest interessante nye modeller Panasonic, der som altid har fokus på gengivelse af indhold som det var tiltænkt oprindeligt.

Som tidligere så er modellerne opdelt i med numrene 2000, 1500, 1000 og 980.

Annonce - artiklen forsætter nedenunder

Forbogstavet på disse er her i 2022 LZ.

  • LZ2000 fås i 77″,65″ og 55″
  • LZ1500 fås i 65”, 55”, 48”, 42”
  • LZ1000 fås i 65”, 55”
  • LZ980 fås i 65”, 55”, 48”, 42”

Alle er med OLED.EX teknologi. Master OLED Pro er betegnelsen Panasonic bruger på de panaler der har mest lysstyrke. Det gælder LZ2000 og LZ1500 modellerne dog minus 48 / 42″ udgaverne af LZ1500.


The OLED LZ2000 introduces directional sound in addition to Panasonic’s 360° Soundscape all-in-one TV audio package capable of delivering Dolby Atmos immersive audio experiences. The multiple built-in upward-firing, side-firing, and front-firing speaker units produce a spatial soundstage with Dolby Atmos content. As well as improving surround sound, the LZ2000 features the new advanced Front Array Speaker System, which directs the sound, enabling accurate and clear sound and Beam Forming. Models of the OLED LZ1500 series (65”, 55” models only) boast an advanced sound system called ‘Dynamic Cinema Surround Pro’, which supports Dolby Atmos and uses a built-in woofer to provide a powerful and rich bass sound. The LZ1500 (excluding 65” and 55”), LZ1000, and LZ980 series feature ‘Cinema Surround Pro’, which also supports Dolby Atmos.

Panasonic kører fortsat på Smart TV fronten med Home Screen der nu har nået version 7.

Enhanced gaming experience

Speed, clarity, smoothness – these are the essentials for an immersive video game experience. Panasonic’s Game Mode Extreme demonstrates several advancements that make Panasonic’s OLED and LX940 LED TV the ultimate tools for gamers. This includes supporting key HDMI2.1 features such as High Frame Rate (HFR) as well as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) at 120Hz in full 4K resolution. VRR support helps to solve many of the potential console-side problems such as judder and tearing if rendered resolution and LOD (level of detail) is too high, or there are too many effects or objects rendered at the same time. With VRR ON, the TV and the console synchronize the frame pacing to provide a smoother experience. A brand new feature called Game Control Board collects all relevant game settings and information in one place and presents them as a game overlay – so that gamers never need to leave the game to access them. Furthermore, it can be programmed to be accessed by just one click on the remote control by assigning it to the customisable “my App” button.

The Game Control Board overlay provides access to the following key features and information in real-time:

Information – this option displays all the information coming from the source game, such as frame rate, HDR metadata, and chroma sub-sampling data.

Dark Visibility Enhancer – allows the gamer to granularly adjust the near black portion of dark scenes, making it easier to see the route forward or detect enemies hiding in the shadows.

HDR Tonemap – this shows the current HDR tone-mapping settings, which include “Off” (game console is managing the tone-mapping); “On” (TV is managing the tone-mapping); or Dynamic (TV analyses incoming frames in real time and produces dynamic tone-mapping on a scene-by-scene basis, even when source is static HDR).

Input Lag and VRR – display and adjust Input Lag and VRR settings.

Viewing Mode – allows the gamer in real time to change the viewing mode and see the effect live in order to select their preferred appearance.

2022 also sees improvements in terms of speed. 60Hz Refresh Mode dramatically reduces latency and input lag for 60Hz games on OLED TVs. This drastically reduces mid-game stress for gamers that require quick response speeds, especially in action games. Furthermore, Panasonic has put an end to choppy game play and ensures a smoother gaming experience, given that OLED TVs and the LX940 Series are certified with AMD FreeSync Premium Support in 2022.

Panasonic 2022 LED TV

The Core LED line-up features the LX940 LED (75”, 65”, 55”, 49”, 43”) and the LX800 Core LED (75”, 65”, 55”, 50”, 43”) series, which create an immersive viewing experience for sports and gaming lovers. Fitted with HCX Processor Pro AI (LX940) and HCX Processor (LX800), the Core LED series deliver high colour accuracy and outstanding contrast. The Core LED range is ideal for day-time gaming and watching movies, as the “HDR Cinema Display Pro” (LX940), the “HDR Cinema Display” (LX800 75”, 65”, 55” models), and the “Bright Panel Plus” (LX800 50”, 43”) adjust brightness to fit the surrounding ambient lighting environment.

Panasonic 2022 TV – vejledende priser

OLED TX-77LZ2000E 44.999 kroner
OLED TX-65LZ2000E 29.999 kroner
OLED TX-55LZ2000E 24.999 kroner
OLED TX-65LZ1500E 24.999 kroner
OLED TX-55LZ1500E 18.999 kroner
OLED TX-48LZ1500E 15.999 kroner
OLED TX-42LZ1500E 13.999 kroner
OLED TX-65LZ1000E 21.999 kroner
OLED TX-55LZ1000E 15.999 kroner
OLED TX-65LZ980E 20.999 kroner
OLED TX-55LZ980E 14.999 kroner
OLED TX-48LZ980E 13.999 kroner
OLED TX-42LZ980E 12.999 kroner

LCD-LED TV TX-75LX940E 23.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-65LX940E 14.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-55LX940E 11.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-49LX940E 9.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-43LX940E 8.999 kroner

LCD-LED TV TX-75LX820E 16.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-65LX820E 10.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-55LX820E 8.499 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-50LX820E 7.499 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-43LX820E 5.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-75LX810E 16.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-65LX810E 10.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-55LX810E 8.499 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-50LX810E 7.499 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-43LX810E 5.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-75LX800E 16.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-65LX800E 10.999 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-55LX800E 8.499 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-50LX800E 7.499 kroner
LCD-LED TV TX-43LX800E 5.999 kroner

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