MTG køber 75% af franske Trace

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trace urban hd Canal DigitalModern Times Group der også ejer Viasat, har købt 75% af den franske betalings-tv kanaludbyder Trace. Trace driver tv-kanalerne Trace Sports Stars, Trace and music TV channels Trace Urban, Trace Tropical og Trace Africa. I alt har Trace distributions aftaler med udbydere i 160 lande på verdensplan inklusive alle 55 lande i Afrika. Et kontinet hvor MTG også har mange aktiviteter.

I Danmark distribueres musikkanalen Trace Urban af Canal Digital. 

Her nogle reaktioner på aftalen, der skal godkendes af de franske myndigheder inden den er endelig.

“Trace is a cool and contemporary entertainment brand, and one of the leading youth brands in Africa. Trace has proven success with different formats around the world,” said Joseph Hundah, EVP of MTG’s African operations, commented:

“It fits perfectly with what we are doing both in Africa and, more broadly, with both our linear and digital operations, as well as our content production houses. This deal is another key milestone in our international expansion and provides us with footholds from which we can expand even more in Europe, South America, Asia and francophone countries around the world.”

“We look forward to welcoming Trace’s skilled and experienced management team to MTG. We will work together to further develop our successful brands and formats, and to continue to expand our businesses.”

Olivier Laouchez, Trace co-founder, chairman and CEO, commented: “We are just at the beginning of the mobile and digital revolutions. In the coming 5 years, the media industry will dramatically change. MTG has the right set-up and vision to make Trace a leading and cool entertainment multimedia brand for the youth generation, worldwide. We are extremely confident that the synergies, resources and opportunities provided by MTG and its great team will make us achieve this goal faster and better, while preserving Trace’s unique identity and entrepreneurial dynamics.”

“Trace’s development has followed a similar path and strategy to our own at MTG – the creation and nurturing of innovative local products that customers love and want more of, investment in the content offerings, the broadening of their availability, and then international expansion with equally strong local versions in high growth new markets,” added Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, president and CEO of MTG.

“Trace’s channels and platforms share the powerful affinity with audiences that we always look for. This acquisition is yet another example of our objective to shape the future of entertainment by expanding our content offering, our digital availability and our geographical footprint.”

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