Mens vi venter på Viasat – Italienere kan se Champions League finale i Ultra HD

ultrahd tvDen italienske tv-udbyder Mediaset Premium vil sende Champions League finalen lørdag aften i Ultra HD. Det sker via det terrestriske sendenet.

Transmissionen kan modtages på Ultra HD TV der understøtter HEVC 50p og et SmartCam/HDCam eftersom Mediaset Premiums egne tv-bokse ikke understøtter Ultra HD.

Ultra HD kanalen bruger et helt Mux, der typisk kan levere 3-4 HD kanaler. Finalen dækningen styres fra en UEFA OB vogn der er dedikeret til Ultra HD produktionen.

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Her lidt yderligere info omkring setup’et på engelsk

The match will be covered by two distinct production vehicles: a Premium one that delivers the HD feed and the aforementioned 4K-dedicated one.

“At each mobile control room a director will be in charge and for the 4K feed an experienced specialist [will oversee the delivery of] sharper, more scenic images with slower camera movements that emphasise the higher image definition, [as well as] the most important moments of the game,” Eugenio Pettazzi, CTO of Mediaset Premium tells.

The event will be followed with 14 Sony cameras for the feed created directly by UEFA. There will also be a different commentary to that accompanying the HD broadcast. All images will be native and no pictures will be HD ‘upscaled’ to 4K. The parallel coverage in HD will be created by Premium as the host broadcaster, using 54 cameras and extensive replay capabilities.

Paolo Schillaci, project manager at Mediaset Premium for the event, said: “We stress that, despite this being the first time that such a product is broadcast in 4K on a digital terrestrial channel, it is not a testing ground but a consolidated and repeatable workflow [covering] the whole 4K chain.”

A strategic choice was to move a mobile Premium OB van to San Siro and use Harmonic encoders on site. Hence, from the stadium, the transport of encoded signals reaches the HQ in Segrate, where it enters the mux. This greatly simplifies the signal transportation process.

In addition to this being the first 4K/DTT broadcasts, “we are employing a number of frontier technologies, which is a new way to propose this type of ‘super clear’ and ‘super spectacular’ images. [The result is] a new way to both make and enjoy television.”


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