BBC vil streame Ultra HD indhold via iPlayer

| mandag 24. okt, 2016 16:38 | 0 Kommentarer

ultrahd tvBBC arbejder på at kunne tilbyde Ultra HD produktioner via deres iPlayer streaming service. Det fortæller deres chef for teknologi/tv produktion  Andy King.

Udfordringen er at få f.eks. Planet Earth II produktionen ud til seerne i den nye teknik UHD med HDR, her er det mest oplagte ifølge Andy King at det bliver via iPlayer og ikke terrestrisk tv f.eks..

Han udtaler “What we now need to work on is how we are going to get these shows to the viewer. Obviously, as an organisation we are committed to delivery on every platform. But Digital Terrestrial is going to be very difficult. However, we are very much strategically taking an ‘Internet first’ approach.  So we see our first offerings with UHD/HDR, and HDR is very important, to be on the iPlayer platform. [We also need] to take a look at sound. We have moved to 5.1 but I’d really like to see some serious developments in Object Based Audio. As an industry we need not to forget the sound stuff!”


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