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Passport to Freedom – Sæson 1

In 1935, Aracy de Carvalho (Sophie Charlotte) goes to Germany and lands a position in the passport department of the Brazilian consulate in Hamburg. It was there that she managed to save many Jews from prison and the Holocaust by facilitating the issuing of visas to Brazil. João Guimarães Rosa (Rodrigo Lombardi) is asked to be Brazil's deputy consul and meets Aracy on his first day of work and immediately falls in love with her. João realizes that Aracy is hiding something and questions her. Aracy explains her whole scheme to João. He hesitates, but soon becomes convinced that it was the right thing to do. Aracy also attracts the attention of Nazi Thomas Zumkle (Peter Ketnath), an important captain of the SS. Zumkle becomes obsessed with discovering Aracy's secret, and his frequent insinuations, in addition to annoying Aracy, jeopardize all the help she offers to the Jews.

Passport to Freedom – Sæson 1
Passport to Freedom – Sæson 1
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