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Viaplay Group i samarbejde med forbrugerelektronik virksomheden Hisense

Viaplay Group har indgået et partnerskab med forbrugerelektronik virksomheden Hisense. Det betyder at Hisense nordiske tv-modeller får en dedikeret Viaplay knap på fjernbetjeningen. Desuden vil Viaplay app’en være præ-installeret på Hisense modeller i de markedet tjenesten er aktiv eller snart starter.

Reaktioner fra den engelske pressemeddelelse:

Philip Wågnert, Viaplay Group Chief Technology & Product Officer: “Viaplay is a unique service, and we want our compelling line-up of premium Viaplay Originals, the world’s best live sports and much more to be easily available on every relevant platform. Teaming up with VIDAA will expand our reach and enable even more viewers, including in our upcoming North American markets, to experience Viaplay for themselves.”

Nick Ruczaj, Vice President, Content, VIDAA: “This is a very exciting opportunity for both parties as well as for streaming enthusiasts. At VIDAA, we believe in making streaming services accessible and affordable to a diverse demographic, and partnering with a leading industry player that offers a wide array of multinational content such as Viaplay is an essential part of that process.”

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