Nu er der gratis Ultra HD tv-kanal på satellit

Fashion 4KDen internationale mode tv-kanal Fashion One TV er nu tilgængelig i Ultra HD udgave.

Kanalen sendes i Europa under navnet Fashion 4K mens Fashion One 4K er kanalens navn i Asien, Nordamerika og Latin Amerika.

I Europa kan kanalen modtages på Astra (19.2° øst) på frekvensen 11.112 GHz H (SR 22,000, FEC 2/3) og kanalen sendes ukodet.

Annonce - artiklen forsætter nedenunder

“We are tremendously excited to launch Fashion One 4K, the world’s first global Ultra HD channel dedicated to fashion and entertainment. We have invested heavily in producing Ultra HD content over the last two years, and I’m delighted that we are finally able to share the channel with our viewers,” siger Fashion One’s Chief Operations Officer Gleb Livshits. “Together with SES, our long-time partner, we are committed to leading the industry and providing our audiences with the highest quality content.”

Ferdinand Kayser, Chief Commercial Officer hos SES, tilføjer: “Since 2013, SES has been at the forefront of developing the broadcasting part of the Ultra HD ecosystem and was the first to broadcast a live football match and a live concert in the new HEVC compression standard. Now, Ultra HD is a reality for millions of viewers worldwide, with the first global broadcast channel launching on SES satellites. There is no better way to broadcast Ultra HD than over satellite and we are delighted that Fashion One is also relying on our expertise for the playout, encoding and uplinking of their Ultra HD channel.”


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