Zero Day

Netflix har offentliggjort flere skuespillere end den allerede offentliggjorte Robert De Niro til deres kommende miniserie med titlen Zero Day.

Serien, der er på 6 afsnit har også Lizzy Caplan, Jesse Plemons, Joan Allen & Connie Britton på rollelisten i Netflix’s nye konspirationsthriller.

Her er rollebeskrivelserne fra Netflix fra deres engelske pressemeddelelse:

Annonce - artiklen forsætter nedenunder

· Robert De Niro leads the cast as George Mullen: A massively popular, but complicated, former American President who is pulled from retirement to head a commission tasked with investigating a devastating global cyber-attack.

Lizzy Caplan as Alexandra Mullen: A young Congresswoman who has sought to distance herself from her father’s political legacy.

· Jesse Plemons as Roger Carlson: Former Mullen “body man” seeking a return to the national stage alongside Mullen.

· Joan Allen as Sheila Mullen: Former First Lady and nominee to the federal bench whose professional ambitions take a backseat to her husband’s political career.

· Connie Britton as Valerie Whitesell: A savvy, intelligent political operative who was Mullen’s former Chief of Staff.

Zero Day asks the question on everyone’s mind — how do we find truth in a world in crisis, one seemingly being torn apart by forces outside our control? And in an era rife with conspiracy theory and subterfuge, how much of those forces are products of our own doing, perhaps even of our own imagining?

De Niro er også executive producer på serien.

Zero Day

Serie | Thriller

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