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LG Electronics (LG) offentliggjorde på dagens presseevent på CES at deres 2014 Ultra HD fladskærme med webOS Smart TV platformen vil understøtte streaming i Ultra HD 4K fra Netflix. LG viser i alt 12 nye modeller i deres 2014 Ultra HD produktl lineup på CES.

Her nogle reaktioner på engelsk fra presseeventen.

“LG and Netflix have had a long-standing history of first-to-market introductions including the first network Blu-ray player to offer Netflix streaming back in 2008, which created the new category of Internet-connected consumer electronics devices,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, president and CTO, LG Electronics. “Netflix 4K content delivered on our amazing Ultra HD screens through our new webOS Smart TV platform will change the way consumers enjoy television.”

Reed Hastings, president and CEO of Netflix, speaking at LG’s CES press conference this morning, said: “As the world’s leading Internet TV network, Netflix will be among the first to deliver Ultra HD 4K to consumers. Streaming will be the primary way consumers receive Ultra HD 4K and we are excited to be working with LG to make this a reality later this year.”

“Content delivery has been the looming question with Ultra HD TVs ever since LG was the first to market with our 84-inch class TV in 2012,” said Sam Chang, LG Electronics USA senior vice president and head of the LG Silicon Valley Lab. “While our Tru-Ultra HD Engine provides excellent upscaled quality, the overall goal was always native 4K content delivery and Netflix was the perfect partner.”

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