NBC serienyt – Manifest er ikke bekræftet til endnu en sæson

Amerikanske NBC har meldt nyt ud om deres kommende serieplaner, der både omfatter nye serier og nye bekræftede sæsoner. Nogle serier afventer dog endnu en afgørelse.

Serier der endnu er på vippen

Serien Manifest, der i Danmark vises på HBO Nordic er blandt de NBC serier der er endnu ikke er kommet en endelig afgørelse på. Serien er i gang med sin tredje sæson netop nu, og der er altså en risiko for at det også bliver den sidste.

Blandt de andre NBC serier der endnu mangler en afklaring er:

Annonce - artiklen forsætter nedenunder
  • Debris
  • Good Girls (kan ses på Netflix)
  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Serier der vender tilbage med nye sæsoner

  • The Blacklist (kan ses på Viaplay)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (kan ses på Netflix)
  • Chicago Fire (kan ses på Viaplay)
  • Chicago Med (kan ses på Viaplay)
  • Chicago P.D. (kan ses på Viaplay)
  • Kenan
  • Law & Order: Organized Crime
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • Mr. Mayor
  • New Amsterdam (kan ses på Viaplay)
  • This Is Us (kan ses på Prime Video)

Nye serier

nbc primetime lineup ordinary joe 1280x720 1Ordinary Joe – ny dramaserie

Life is all about the choices you make – and sometimes what you do in a single moment can change everything. This new heartfelt, life-affirming drama follows Joe Kimbreau, who faces one of these decisions at his college graduation. The three parallel stories that diverge from that night find Joe and the people around him with different careers, relationships and family lives, showing the unexpected ways that things change – and stay the same. But when it comes down to it, there is no “right” choice; no matter what happens, Joe’s life is always messy, exciting, tough, unpredictable … and beautiful.

The cast includes James Wolk,?Natalie Martinez,?Elizabeth Lail and?Charlie Barnett.

La Brea

An epic adventure begins when a massive sinkhole opens in the middle of Los Angeles, pulling hundreds of people and buildings into its depths. Those who fell in find themselves in a mysterious and dangerous primeval land, where they have no choice but to band together to survive. Meanwhile, the rest of the world desperately seeks to understand what happened. In the search for answers, one family torn apart by this disaster will have to unlock the secrets of this inexplicable event to find a way back to each other.

The cast includes Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Jon Seda, Nicholas Gonzalez, Chiké Okonkwo, Karina Logue, Zyra Gorecki, Jack Martin, Veronica St. Clair, Rohan Mirchandaney, Lily Santiago, Josh McKenzie and Chloe De Los Santos.

Law and Order: For the defense

In its 30-year history as the most successful brand in television, Law and Order has only ever explored the perspective of its iconic prosecutors … until now. From legendary executive producer Dick Wolf comes “Law & Order: For the Defense,” the newest entry in the beloved franchise that takes an unflinching look inside a criminal defense firm. Every week, the series will put the lawyers – and the criminal justice system – under the microscope like only Law & Order can, delivering hard-hitting, ripped-from-the-headlines stories that provide a new vantage point on justice.

Carol Mendelsohn will executive produce with Dick Wolf, Arthur Forney, Julie Weitz and Peter Jankowski.

American Auto

From the creator of “Superstore” comes a new workplace comedy that takes the wheels off the automobile industry. Set in Detroit, the corporate executives of Payne Motors are at a crossroads: adapt to the changing times or be sent to the junkyard. Shaking things up is the new CEO, whose leadership, experience and savvy is only slightly offset by her complete lack of knowledge about cars. Luckily, her team has some of the best minds in the business – when they aren’t fighting or trying to outwit each other. From the corporate office to the factory floor, the crew of Payne Motors is driving home the laughs.

The cast includes Ana Gasteyer, Jon Barinholtz, Harriet Dyer, Humphrey Ker, Michael B. Washington, Tye White and X Mayo

Grand Crew

From Phil Augusta Jackson (writer-producer-director, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) and Dan Goor (creator, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) comes a new comedy that proves that life is better with your crew. This group of young professionals are all trying to navigate the ups and downs of life and love in Los Angeles – and they always find time to gather at their favorite bar to “wine down” and unpack it all. There’s Noah, a hopeless romantic too eager to settle down; Nicky, a go-getter in both real estate and romance; Sherm, a low-key genius who plays the dating odds; Anthony, whose true love is his career; and Wyatt, who’s relieved to be married and out of the dating scene. And just like wine, their friendship gets better with time.

The cast includes Nicole Byer, Justin Cunningham, Aaron Jennings, Echo Kellum and Carl Tart.

Phil Augusta Jackson (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) will write and executive produce. Mo Marable will direct and co-executive produce the pilot. Dan Goor will executive produce.

The Thing about Pam

Two-time Academy Award winner Renée Zellweger stars in a riveting true-crime drama inspired by one of the most popular, compelling sagas ever told on “Dateline NBC.” What appeared to be a straightforward murder case would eventually set off a chain of events exposing both a wrongful conviction and a diabolical scheme involving a woman named Pam Hupp. From Blumhouse Television, NBC News Studios and showrunner/executive producer Jessika Borsiczky, this limited series will bring a new perspective to a story that has already captivated millions.

The cast includes Renee Zellweger.

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