American Runestone – ny Viaplay original dokumentar på vej

Viaplay er på vej med en original historisk dokumentarserie American Runestone. Det er skuespiller Peter Stormare, der står bag serien, der får premiere i foråret 2020.

Herunder kan du læse mere om serien fra den engelske pressemeddelelse.

Pillar of truth or a stone-cold fake? In 1898, Swedish immigrant Olof Ohman claimed to have found a runestone in Minnesota, left by Viking explorers more than two centuries before Columbus arrived in North America.

Annonce - artiklen forsætter nedenunder

In ‘American Runestone’, Peter Stormare (‘The Blacklist’; ‘Prison Break’; NENT Group’s ‘Swedish Dicks’) travels through Minnesota to discover whether it’s time for history to be rewritten. Born in the same region of Sweden as Olof Ohman, Stormare meets scholars, sceptics and sensationalists on a deeply personal and often humorous journey that leaves no stone unturned.

‘American Runestone’ (working title) is produced by Peter Stormare together with Nina Lund and Glenn Lund for Stormare’s production company Viking Brothers. The first season of the series has six episodes.

Jakob Mejlhede Andersen, Viaplay Chief Content Officer: “Making Nordic history is what NENT Group is all about – we operate the region’s leading streaming service and launch at least 20 originals every year. It’s fitting that Peter Stormare, one of Sweden’s most charismatic global exports, will tell this fascinating story of Scandinavians in America, which will be a compelling addition to Viaplay’s fast-growing documentary offering.”


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