Family Guy – sæson 17

During this season, Brian marries a dying woman (played by Casey Wilson) in a two-episode arc (“Married… with Cancer”, “Dead Dog Walking”), Peter’s graying hair nets him a job as a scaremongering news anchor and as President Donald Trump’s press secretary in another two-episode arc (“Hefty Shades of Gray”, “Trump Guy”), Quagmire meets a teenage daughter (played by Mandy Moore) whom he never knew he had (“No Giggity, No Doubt”), the Griffins take on the Korean Olympics (“The Griffin Winter Games”), Brian and Stewie shrink to microscopic size (“Big Trouble in Little Quahog”), Peter and Brian compete to become the next Pawtucket Brewery mascot (“Pawtucket Pete”), and Quagmire runs against Brian for mayor (“Adam West High”).

1 aug 2019 00:00
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