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This whole deal stinks in my opinion.

Canal+ has over the past few years increased it’s coverage of premier league games to a level almost (if not in some years better than) as good as uk itself. And now it’s going to reset.


You’d think that whom owns the rights to show Premier League , would want to maximise their revenue (afterall they must have paid a small fortune for the rights to show it). I agree that it is probably easiest for the company to show games via the internet, and charge via that, but is the internet qualitiy good enough to show games in the best possible quality? Not without some extra expenditure to improve the connection of the user, I’m sure.

Can anyone clarifiy how many games are going to be shown LIVE on a Saturday, Sunday, and Weekday games with this new deal?

I’d rather forgo the option of seeing one game a week in HD, if it meant a wider selection of games available to see.

At the end of the day, as it stands (and I admit, we are still missing a few important details) this deal isn’t pleasing for football fans, and smells a bit like a conspiracy dreamt up by my wife!


Still, there’s always MOTD on BBC Big Smile


Edit: If the PremierLeague tv channel isn’t going to be available in DK, does that mean those games won’t be available either (ie no-one in DK will own the rights to show those games)? And isn’t that channel going to want to keep some of the major games to itself, in order to generate revenue for itself? Meaning the DK channels will only be able to show a limited choice of game?


Edit2: OK, so SBS have the rights to show 6 games weekly, which they will use to strengthen “6” (http://mediawatch.dk/artikel/sbs-investerer-i-premier-league) It doesn’t say that SBS HAVE to show the games ONLY on “6”, just that they will use the games to promote 6- so in theory they could show them on “5” too, meaning 2 live games being show simultaneously (I fear the worst, but the theory is more pleasing). How many of the 6 weekly games will be live?

Just to moan a bit more, seeing a game that isn’t live, in this day and age, means I have to put in the effort, to carefully avoid, friends, phone, internet, tv, (and other media) to avoid seeing/hearing the scores, and to ensure the game is fun to watch.